Is a ferret the right pet for you?

Lots of people adore ferrets. They are growing more popular as house pets as we know it! But for some people, a ferret just isn’t the right pet for them.

Is a ferret the right pet for YOU, though? Yes, you! This quiz will test your knowledge on those adorable little creatures that everyone wants! Good luck!

Created by: MissyMoo895

  1. Right! Of we go! For starters, have you had a ferret before?
  2. EASY:How long do ferrets live?
  3. EASY:How much should a ferret be bathed?
  4. EASY: Which of these is NOT true?
  5. MEDIUM:What house pet is a ferret best with? (Apart from another ferret)
  6. MEDIUM:What is a good treat for a ferret?
  7. MEDIUM:What body temperature is a ferret?
  8. HARD:You’re cutting your ferret’s nails and you spot bleeding! What is it and what do you do?
  9. HARD: How many ferrets is recommended to have at once?
  10. HARD:Which of these IS true?

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