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  • and this quiz is bad

    ToPotter Feb 16 '16, 4:16AM
  • You're idiot
    D o you make this quiz just only prove yourself if you smarter then other?
    Well, i think your math is very bad

    ToPotter Feb 16 '16, 4:15AM
  • Sigh...this is as much an intelligence test as an iPhone is a rowboat.

    These are nearly all general knowledge questions - half of which are wrong anyway.

    Nharzhool Oct 14 '14, 6:57AM
  • Dumb idiot, 25x25=625

    Please people, check that you aren't a complete imbecile before making an intelligence quiz. This should have been called the stupidity quiz :)

    Brightwing777 Dec 24 '13, 3:15PM
  • Sorry, I meant question 4 was the ambiguous one. Answer b and c both rate as "unlikely."

    Capriole Aug 4 '12, 2:34AM
  • 25 x 25 + 625 you moron. Also, the American Revolutionary War was in the 18th century not the 16th. Also, question 3 is ambiguous. BAD test.

    Capriole Aug 4 '12, 2:33AM
  • Isn't 25x25=625?If you're just making this quiz to prove that you're smarter or just to mock others-get a life.But if you're math is THAT bad,I suggest you be the 1 who should join math camp.Cheerio!

    Avid follower Sep 1 '09, 9:03AM
  • On Question 5, did you mean 12 AM?
    12 PM is 1200 hours, and 12 AM is 2400. Or is it 0000?
    Who knows, I could be wrong.
    (If I am then I'll say it in advance: F*** IT!)

    appayipyip Aug 31 '09, 6:53PM

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