Ill try and brighten up your day (singin234)

See I been waiting all day for you to call be baby. So lets get up lets get on it dont leave me broken hearted tonight. Oh yeah. So lets get up lets get on it. Dont leave me broken hearted

The title says it all. Well I am really happy right now and I want you to be happy. So ill brighten up your day. I hope you all are happy and safe. Be happy

Created by: singin234
  1. I'll try and brighten up your day. Why? Your special, you might not even know it. Yes you will make more mistakes in your life but the different is that do you realize your mistakes. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. If people they are you should think 'lier'
  2. Now I might not be the best at brighting up someones day but Ill try. I hope my effot is enough, to brighten up your day :)
  3. Before I start though (you: come on just start! me: this is inportant for me to say this) I made a quiz *~* To everyone *~* I am not saying to take it but if you want you can. I just want to say someone said Aira would do something like that. That hurt me so much, I just had wanted to make people happy. I got so upset, I AM NOT TRYING TO COPY ARIA. Look I love Aria (in not creepy way) she is the sweetest thing in the world. I just want to make people happy, is that so bad? So please dont, you really dont know what I am like. I just want to make you guys on GTQ happy.
  4. You are beautiful. Don't let those 'are you beautiful turly' quizzes get you down if you got a bad. Beacuse you are, yiou might not look it but you are. You might of made mistakes but you are.
  5. Dont let people say your not good enough. Stuff them what the hell do they know? You might not be perfect (no one is) but when you put your mind to it you can do really well. Prove people wrong.
  6. The guy that hurts you and makes you cry then keeps hurting you. He is not worth it, he isnt good enough for someone beautiful as you. Let him go, sometimes it wont work out. Fix yourself and move on. Walk away and show him your not afrid
  7. The guy that turns you down just doesnt realize how great you are. No matter how perfect someone might seem you have to take a step back and look at them. Think to yourself ' is this guy really so great?'
  8. Hope for the best and never let someone bring you down. Tough day just think tommorrow is a myserty, dont you want to stick around to find out what it brings?
  9. If you listen to music it can lift you sprits. I helps me, because they sing what they cant say.
  10. Love yourself
  11. I hope this helped and as I said I am not good at this. I am terribale with words but I hope this made you a little happy or a lot happy. Be yourself, Love yourself beacuse its your life and nothing should stop you from living it

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Quiz topic: Ill try and brighten up my day (singin234)