Ill make you pee

Most people can hold there pee for abit of time, How long can you or others hold their pee??? In this test you will find out! Have fun and by the way this is my FIRST quiz!!!

Did YOU make it through this test? I hope you brought a diaper! I want a diaper... DONT JUDGE ME! Or ill judge you when you pee yourself during this quiz!!!!

Created by: billy bob

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  1. How bad do you need to pee?
  2. Relax your bladder for 3 seconds
  3. Push on your bladder for 10 seconds
  4. Give 5 short pushes
  5. Now drink 2 glasses of water and wait 15 minutes
  6. Now give 15 short pushes
  7. Relax your bladder for 15 seconds
  8. Meow
  9. Push for 20 seconds
  10. Drink 3 more glasses of water
  11. Relax your bladder for 1minute
  12. Lay on your back on your bed or on the couch
  13. dont move until i say you can
  14. Pee your pants
  15. Bye

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