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  • Bohemian rhapsody by queen is that song stuck that's in your head same here.I did not ignore this series I am so disobedient.If you don't have a quiz series you should make one.But no copying mine.But you could make a horror series I don't see too many of those.I was thinking of doing one after I finish with Visionary.

  • It's one direction, isn't it? xD No worries though, whatever it is; embrace it. Seriously... you were mean to your quiz, not cool. Your quiz must have self esteem issues by now. :P I for one, liked it. There are some quizzes on here that I just can't stand, but this wasn't one of them.

  • That waz the most random quiz I've ever taken!!

    But Somehow I LIKED it!!!!
    The name waz pretty interesting XD

  • If it's a song by a boyband, it's ok you know... I mean I like miranda cosgrove.. :D Nice random quiz. I LIKED IT!!!!


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