If you were in family guy, who would you be?

WE all watch Family Guy right?! ;D well if you would be in this awesome tv show. who would you be?? Come and please take my quiz to find out!

Who are ou in Family Guy!!?!?! Come and find out! The results include more than the Griffin fam!

Created by: HarshmanBoo
  1. What would you describe yourself as??
  2. You:
  3. Favorite Quote out of these:
  4. Favorite Family Guy Person?
  5. Hi My name is Amanda (not for real)!
  6. You like to wear:
  7. Most important thing in your life?
  8. You spend your mornings:
  9. Who do you think you should be?
  10. You always catch yourself saying:
  11. How many friends do you have??

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