If you really know chico

There are many Chico state students, but few really know Chico. This Quiz will ask you questions about Chico with multiple choice answers. Make sure to pick the right one because you will be scored according to your answers. Are you up to the challenge?

So you think you know chico? I made this quiz off the top of my head if you have more time or if you want to make a quiz be my guest. Just don't be stupid and talk s---.

Created by: Isaac
  1. This one is easy. what are the chico streets
  2. What two bars sell cigarettes
  3. How many beers are on tap at the graduate.
  4. Where is the wall of foam?
  5. What is the best burger in town?
  6. Where is there a buck night on Friday?
  7. Where is there a pool?
  8. Power hour is?
  9. Best cab driver in town?
  10. what is not a drinking day in chico?

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