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Created by: Ok

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  1. If your talking on the phone with a stranger would you change your voice just because and Sarah you better say yes because I know you do
  2. Would you get rid of all your hair for 3 millions dollars and you can't get it back
  3. If you see a cookie that is in a pile of mude would you eat it
  4. YouTube or Facebook
  5. If you gained 300 pounds in 2 weeks and you were going to the beach would you go swimming
  6. What would you rather be famous for
  7. If your in the ice cold winter outside life or death would you rather have blankets or 3000 electric dildos
  8. What do you think for black people
  9. Would you rather me poor but famous or rich but not famous
  10. Would you rather see Mexico or vitnam
  11. Would you flip off a cop
  12. Would you pick fights just to have people defned you
  13. If you see a baby child on the ground what would you do

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