Icy's Awesome Book(bday gift)

So this is a quiz about how great my friend, Icy Designs, is. Also, it's her birthday so if you see her say happy birthday to her. :) To Icy, hope you enjoy this.

I have no clue what to put down her. It's kind of annoying that we have to erit etwo whole paragraghs. Girrr. Lallalall. We.we.ee. Hi, hello. And done

Created by: Carrotop

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  1. So here are the reasons Icy rocks. Oh, Nd by the way to days her birthday!
  2. Okay, so , well, she's awesome!!
  3. She's an awesome story writer! Check out her page,it's full of writing!
  4. Okay, so, she's also not afraid of saying what she bbelieves in, which is awesome!
  5. I also think her writing is awesome! It makes her uniqe. She Writes Thinqs Like This. :)
  6. She knows how to act in a fight.
  7. She loves to talk! So do I!
  8. She has the most amazing photography skills.
  9. And lastly, she's a great friend. :)
  10. Luv you Icy, aand happy bday.

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