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  • I'm going to guess that you keep on making new series but never finishing them because for one, it's for fun but then you think of a different idea for a new quiz series and then you have too many quizzes to write so you never finish the other ones. Just a guess but I hope it's right! Can't wait for the next one cause as always, I loved it and also as always, I'll be looking.

  • You make the series and don't end them because you have ADD or no one takes them or rates or comments and you get highly discouraged and tell the world off by not making a new quiz. but I take your quizzes they're awesome too. If you need encouragement then tell everyone off and they will comment, promise :3 XDD

  • you might make the series because people ask you to, or you think of them and they sound awesome in your head. You don't continue some because you run out of ideas, or no one likes them, or they sounded better in your head?

    I don't know, but good job.

  • Okay, I think Ill tell you who it is Now. Tommorow I won't get time to tell you! It's a tie, by the three of you. (BlueBird, awesomeness444, Xxdeath__anglexX) So the next question is 'Why is my user name singin234'

  • Why did you have to end it there! I want wait no NEED to know what hapens next!

  • ........WHAT DID SHE SEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O


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