icarly trivia quiz

You will for sure do a great job on this quiz if you watch icarly a lot. You will be able to answer all the questions. It would not be hard at all for you to do it since you know the show!

Hopefully you can do it and then you can go and do some other quizzes and try to do a great job on them just like you did on this icarly quiz!

Created by: brittany
  1. Does Sam have a twin sister
  2. Where does carly live
  3. What is principal franklins first name
  4. Who has had a crush on carly since grade 5
  5. Sam's sisters name is
  6. Who hates Spencer
  7. What game is Spencer really interested in
  8. What teacher plays the bag pipes
  9. What's Socko's brothers name
  10. What is Spencer's favorite food to make

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