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  • Hmm, the bronchitis and locked out thing defo sounds suspicious. If I were you, I wouldn't worry. You just need to tell him how you feel, and if he says he is not interested, don't brood over it. If you really believe he is worth the trouble, don't give up!

  • from the first few quizzes, it looked like he liked you. But I think you 'turned away' from him too much, like you did in spanish class that one day, and he's just moving on then. So go catch him if you want him. Don't play these games. Leave a mysterious note, or go up to him, grab his arm, pull him to the side of the hallway, and be like, "I like you." you could always do something dramatic, like kiss his cheek, but that all depends on you.;p

  • Build the courage to ask him out on a date/hang out! Just say: "Hey, do you want to go to the movies to see ________(insert cool movie)." You will know for sure if he likes you then. I'm dead serious. Ask him to hang out with you. A friend or two can come if you don't feel comfortable being by yourself. I hope everything works out. :)

  • Whoah.... that is pretty confusing :(

    Like everyone is saying... just tell him how you feel!

    If he continues to ignore you after that then find a different crush ^_^ If he's not into you he's not into you...just one of those disappointing things in life :(

    If he likes you (and I don't see why he wouldn't ^_^) then that is going to be a good memory when you're older ^_^

  • I agree with everyone so far. I'm confused too. Judging from what you said about the bronchitis/locked in thing, I dont think he likes you very much. I'm sorry...! But still tell him how you feel. It will clear things up a lot quicker!

  • Okay, at that point I'm just as confused as you are about "Josh". My advice is to just tell him you like him and see what he says. Worst case scenario, he doesn't like you back. Just try it. If you're too shy to tell him face-to-face, give him a note or something.

  • I think that you should tell him how you feel and if you're not ready then just start by giving him hints. And if he doesnt like you bad then dont cry about it,there are other guys :)

  • Tell him how u feel,whenever u are ready. Don't let anyone rush you. If he likes u back...great. if not... Girl,you are way to fabulous don't let it get u down. Good luck!

  • The best way is the direct way just tell him how you feel


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