I'm bored so i made a quiz quiz

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This is a bored quiz cuz im just bored. the question are awesome, the results are exciting. Okay, maybe not really but this is just a dumb quiz so please enjoy, and be as bored as you want

This paragraph thingy is unnecessary so yeah. This paragraph thingy is unecessary. this paragraph thingy is really unnessary. (Everything is spelled wrong)

Created by: EmeraldFang64

  1. Are you bored?
  2. So....what would you bring if your were at a party?
  3. If you were lost what would be one item you would have with you?
  4. Why are you here?
  5. I can't seem to think of an interesting question...
  6. ...................................
  7. If you were holding a gun rite now, how would you feel
  8. Whats your favorite color?
  9. As i said im clearly bore so i can't think of any questions so um yeah
  10. LAST QUESTION!!!! :))))))!!!! Which is better: a pony or a unicorn?
  11. Jk. Okay now this is the last question. are you awesome?
  12. Not really a question cuz it won't do any effect anyway, so rate/comment?
  13. Did you like my quiz? (its my !st one, obviously i was bored so yea. im OBVIOUSLY going to make more and better one ;)) no effect

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