I'm bored, just take this quiz.

Hey guys do um. I'm bored so I just made this random quiz for u to take.. I know noone reads these but I'm being held hostage and forced to type this so yea

If you are Reading this please help me all this typing got my fingers hurting, like,, o[no urls] helppp my little finger is dyinggg gimme a gurney or some s---.

Created by: Luna monkey

  1. What is your age? (Automatic question)
  2. What is your gender? (another automatic question)
  3. Ummm idk y I made this quiz
  4. Um sooooo uhhhhhh I'm bored
  5. Your mom
  6. :3
  7. Favorite color?
  8. One time I asked this chuck to spell "orange" and she said "the fruit or the color?"
  9. Ummmmm Justin Bieber or Kellin Quinn
  10. Bye
  11. Haha sike.. wassup
  12. Alright seriously.. bye.

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