I like silly people and so does your crush!

Do you think your relationship is perfect? Well lets say by your personality? How about... Do you like silly people to crank up your mode? Because my quiz is funny but concentrates on you at the same time! Take my quiz and you should feel better about yourself and relationship.

Ewh. Some people dont believe in love or themselves. But i believe in the both of you guys. Take this quiz and should find out. I have tips for you, reasonable amswers and everything! Just try it out!

Created by: Aniya

  1. Whats your favorite color, baaaby?
  2. Which celebrity (group) you like more cause i really--- just answer the question -_-
  3. Whats your sport you gotta gotta gotta play or watch or---... -_-
  4. WhAts your favorite food?---(2 more before crush questions ;))
  5. Whats your favorite movie?- (crush is next!)
  6. Before i ask imma say whats your gender and im starting with the girls so if youre a boy mark imma boy;) so whats your gender?
  7. If you have a boyfriend, does he treat you the way he should? Is he being responsible like a bf should be?
  8. Do you thonk you guys willlast long? (tip1. If you love him him and thetes something wrong, fix it. It might not go well but things get worse before better)
  9. Do you notice him doing anything wrong when he doesnt see you but you see him? Tip2. If so bust that fool out! He doesnt deserve someone like you!)
  10. If my tips and questions are hlping mark yes but this finale for the girls so... IS THERE REALLY A RELATIONSHIP GOING ON????--- (last tip for girls- well ithink now you should find out)
  11. BOYS TURN!!!!---- ladies mark imma girl--- YOUR GENDER PLEASE
  12. Is your girl the one you really love?is shes acting right and controlling herself around other guys and being a girlfriend like she suppose to?
  13. How long do YOUthink you will last? (tip1. If you love her older than 18 make a move. Under 18 just keep trying harder till you make it there)
  14. Do YOU notice anything wrong when ahe doesnt see you? (tip.? If you do catch her, break her heartover phone. You wouldnt like. To see her face if you do break up)
  15. If YOU think my tips are helping mark yes but this the last boy question sooo..... DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A TRUE RELATIONSHIP???--- (find out now and try hard gentlemen)
  16. Ok people my fingers hurt from touchscreenand so im done! My names aniya! Did i entertain you? pEACe! Send me a message if you need antthing ;)

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Quiz topic: I like silly people and so does my crush!