I know your name!

There are very cute names out there and some very lame ones too! What ones are lame... and what ones are awesome? You can find out what names are cute ann what one are REALLY REALLY lame! so you can tell all your friends!!!

Do you have a cute name>? or.. do you have a bad name that everyone hates? find out now in a few minutes and FIND OUT! Im sure you are vry exited to take this quiz to find out what your name SHOULD be... so... what are you waiting for!? :)

Created by: Sarie
  1. What is your favorite name?
  2. What color hair do you have?
  3. what size shoe do you wear?---LOL
  4. Do you have a "true love?"
  5. Are you cheating?
  6. do you want this quiz to be done??
  7. out of these; Carter, Dominic Jessee,or Sara, is one of those your boyfriend/girlfriends names?
  8. what color are your eyes?
  9. Whats your favorite food?
  10. How many hours are you on the computer?

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Quiz topic: I know my name!