i know your eye color

each person has an eye color. each eye color has a personalty. i hate writing these beginnings just skip this and take the quiz. it awesome. emily is rico.

whats you i color potato road stop loop house ditch goat fat cat yoda yolo kangaroo ice age word little puppy hat walrus snake fin yak banana la la la

Created by: emilyisrico
  1. how many friends do you have?
  2. are you...
  3. what do you think about keeping yourself for marige?
  4. whens your birth day
  5. do you have a bf or a gf
  6. what do strangers do when they see you
  7. whats your favorite kind of tv shows
  8. where is your gramma from
  9. where is your gramma from
  10. what is your expression

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Quiz topic: I know my eye color