I Know Twilight

Think you know Twilight, weel, you are probably wrong, find out in this quiz, test your knowledge of one of the World's Best Known Series in this test.

Have you ever wondered that, in a mythical world, only of Werewolves and Vampires, would YOU be a top dog, or Lead Vampire, find out in this test, and many others like it.

Created by: Twilight

  1. Edward Cullen's Real Name is-
  2. Which of these Characters is not in Twilight-
  3. Which of these is an Eclipse Novella-
  4. Which one of these girls plays a 12 year old in the Twilight movies-
  5. Which book is being made into 2 films-
  6. Which of these books is Twilight from Edward's point of veiw-
  7. In Twilight, is Bella a...
  8. Are the Volturi...
  9. In Breaking Dawn, where do Bella and Edward go for their Honeymoon...
  10. What is the name of Edward and Bella's child...

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