I Just Need to Thank You!

I just felt the overpowering need to thank everybody who has continued to support me and keep me going throughout my entire experience on this site. You guys are just so SWEET!

Well, if I didn name you, I'm very sorry. So I'm going to take the opportunity to thank you here, fo even bothering to read this quiz. So, uh, THANK YOU!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Okay, so I've been on this site for about two months, and it has been one of the coolest experiences of my LIFE!
  2. There are many people I would LOVE to thank. Unfortunately, it might take up like, two quizzes...so I'm gonna get started!
  3. First, I think you will all join me in thanking one of the most influential, nice, creative, jubilant, amazing, genius, and many more words, person I have EVER met in my life. Natuhleegayle. Nat, you are one of the biggest reasons I write. You are the biggest help, and the most kind and helpful person to ever live. Nat, I can never thank you enough for everything you have knowingly or otherwise done for me. You made me fall back in love with the Harry Potter series, and I just can never thank you enough.
  4. Second. HogwartsLove. Girl, you ar just too amazing to LIVE! You are amazingly sweet, incredibly creative, and you knock my socks off every time you type something. I just read Hogwarts Part Fourteen and I was gasping and shrieking and going WTH!? the whole time. Never EVER give up on what you do! You are just such an amazing person, and you should take pride in your amazing gift!
  5. Third. Jaime. I am sad beyond repair that she doesn't have an account. She is an incredibly talented writer, and I know we all can expect great things from her! She is just too sweet, and she is seemingly incapable of saying one mean, nasty thing. She is just so supportive and amazing. GET AN ACCOUNT SOON!
  6. Okay, fourth. Allycat. Okay, lemme think of a word worthy of this absolutely amazing person.....okay, well I cant. Can you? I doubt it...She is just to amazing, she leaves words in the dust! Se is incredibly....strange, creative, and kind. She is the best kind of friend anyone could ever hope for, and her series about Hogwarts is simply mind blowing. If you haven't read it, LEAVE and go read it! NOW! She's just so talented...I feel....a bit...lightheaded.....
  7. Moonshoespotter, I personally have to thank you! You are the first person I've met that has watched all the Starkid stuff! IM NO LONGER ALONE! YE-ES! Well, Moonshoes, I guess I'll have to reward you with a REDVINE! Why? CUZ THEY'RE TOTALLY AWESOME!! I wouldve given you two, but that would've been WAY TOO AWESOME.
  8. _ViolaLover_. Okay, I'm not sure if you saw that comment, but on HL's thank-you quiz for a bunch of people, you said you were glad someone car you were alive. I was outraged that you thought no one cared about you! I said "What do you mean 'someone cares you're alive?!?! VL, you are one of the reasons HL, Nat Gayle, and I even carry on with our quizzes! You are so sweet and nice and all of that! Of course we all are youre alive! We'd all die without you!" And I bet you anything in the world, everyone agrees with me.
  9. Okay, my mother is rushing me now, so I'm just going to name everyone else I was going to thank. IM SORRY! Singin234 Bluebird Jayla Aria PersonXD miumiutheemu angelic4 shimmering knight And you, sorry if I didn't name you, for continuing to support me in this. It means so much to me, you have no idea.
  10. Okay, I need ten question apparently, so I'd just like to say that Percy Jackson Love Story pt 7 comes out in a little while, so stay tuned!!!! And thanks again to Jaime for helping me TREMENDOUSLY with it! (She wrote most of it....)

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