I have a serious announcement~Milkyway62~

Just read the next paragraph....

GUESS WHAT?! I made a wattpad account so now I will be there as well. Don't worry I'm not moving so you're good. Read the rest I guess?

Created by: Milkyway62

  1. Hey guys so just read the top I guess or just keep scrolling.
  2. So I have news
  3. I have made a wattpad. I am thinking that maybe I will get more out of it. I don't know. I just thought you know what? Why not make a wattpad.
  4. I also made it to follow dannica and music826. You should go check out their writing. It rocks!
  5. filler question
  6. Note to self: find out how to make these things only 5 questions. -____-
  7. um yeah. you should go eat some chocolate pudding.
  8. lalala whatever lalala doesn't matter lalala oh well lalala
  9. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy and z
  10. So goodbye my amigos!! asta manana!!

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