I can guess your new favorite college football team

Do you not no who to root for?Well with my quiz you can have a knew favorite college football team to root on every Saturday. Can't you just picture rooting every Saturday for a new good team?

Why would you want to take this quiz you ask? one because I'm a beast so that means this quiz is a beast too. The second reason is so you have a team to actually cheer for

Created by: Ben
  1. Do you like hot places cool places, cold places, or warm places?
  2. Which do you like most south,east,west,or north
  3. Do you think this is a waste of time
  4. What is your favorite color
  5. Favorite food
  6. Do you like football
  7. Are you getting bored
  8. Do you watch a lot of college football
  9. What's your favorite number out of these
  10. What college do you want to get

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Quiz topic: I can guess my new favorite college football team