I Can Guess Your Gender :)

Age and gender questions DO NOT count, of course! You can test it out by reading the paragraph below to find out how. I'm serious thogh, I would NEVER chest like that! Haha

So if you DON'T believe me here's how you can test it out! : 1. Take the quiz, answer truthfully 2. If it's right, click the back button. 3. Keep ALL answers the same except change the gender question answer to your opposite gender 4. Look, no changes in your results :) Or just plain don't answer the gender question :P

Created by: Ali

  1. So... what's your fave class?
  2. And your fave teacher is ...
  3. Oh, and how do you dress to see those teachers? (How do you dress to school?)
  4. Nice, but new subject. Fave color?
  5. Okayy, and what type of car do ya want?
  6. Where would you take that car? (Just a regular day)
  7. And where would you take that car? (On a vacation day)
  8. Cool... fave hobby? (Pick the group with the things you like best
  9. Rate or comment?
  10. Cya!

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Quiz topic: I Can Guess my Gender :)