I can guess your gender.

Hello. This is a (faulty) gender-guessing quiz. If you wish to have you're gender guessed by a (false) psychic, then you've come to the (wrong) right place!

This is my first try at one of these and it's short. Chances are, it WILL guess it correctly, but the odds aren't necessarily in my favor. Thank you. Rate and comment. Maybe.

Created by: Joker1001
  1. Which of these colors is your favorite?
  2. Which of these appeal to you most?
  3. Which of these would you rather be in high-school?
  4. Whom of these people do you find more attractive?
  5. Would you rather go shopping, or play video-games?
  6. Which of these are you more likely to say?
  7. Which season were you born in?
  8. What is you're favorite type of music?
  9. Do you have thick thighs?
  10. What is you're figure?

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Quiz topic: I can guess my gender.