i can guess your favorite color!!!!

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Hello today i will be guessing what your favorite color is i tried really hard on this quiz i hope you will click on this quiz and go through all these quistens

You are probably wondering how are you ganno no my favorite color with just a stuped quiz well i am ganno come over to your house and read that pesky little mind of yours

Created by: Alina

  1. Do you like dogs
  2. Do you play minecraft
  3. Do you go to school
  4. Do you have a stepmom or step dad
  5. Are you a kid
  6. What is your favorite holiday
  7. Is your favorite color blue
  8. Is your teacher mean
  9. Are you girly
  10. Are you a idiot
  11. Are you a idiot
  12. Last question

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Quiz topic: I can guess my favorite color!!!!