I Can Guess What Number You are Thinking Of?

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Is it magic? This quiz can practically read minds if answered honestly. It will tell you what number you are thinking of. I will tell you what to do in the next paragraph.

Just pick a number from 1-10 including one and ten. No decimals. No fractions. Select a whole number and answer the questions honestly. No changing numbers halfway through the test. OK? Good! Enjoy!

Created by: James
  1. Is the number odd or even?
  2. Is your number in the three times tables?
  3. Is it in the five times tables including five? Just like last question included three in the three times tables.
  4. Is the number prime or composite?
  5. When divided to three is the answer two?
  6. Is the number larger than five(not including five)?
  7. Is the number larger than two(not including two)?
  8. Divide nine to your number (if you can). Is the answer the number you were thinking of?
  9. Is the number larger than 6 but smaller than 9?
  10. Is the number less than six but composite?

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