I can guess Ur gender!!! ;D

I bet I can guess Ur gender right on! And these questions aren't even obvious!! See if I can guess it or if u will prove me wrong by having theopposite gender!

Are you a dude? Or a girl? If u don't know then Ur pretty gay. Take the quiz anyway it's the number 1 gender quiz on all of gotoquiz! Oh yeah baby it certainly is!

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. The gender questions abuv don't count. Okay
  2. Are you very laughy?
  3. Do you make peops laugh?
  4. What word means the most 2 u?
  5. What age you start puberty at?
  6. Lalalalallalallalla
  7. U sleep in Ur underwear?
  8. Are you kinda chubby?
  9. What's ur favorite sport?
  10. What would you rather do in the biggest field in the world?
  11. Do u wear dark or bright clothes?
  12. Have you ever grabbed a cactus?

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