I can guess the number

You know when people tell others to pick a number but don't say it, ask a few questions then guess the number, well I thought to myself that it would be cool to make it on-line.

Will I guess yours right? I think I will. As long as you promise to answer these questions honestly. Great! Now, play this quiz and I'll prove you wrong, that I can guess it right! Let's get started!

Created by: RainbowSparkles
  1. Pick a number from 1-9 but don't tell me it.
  2. Is it odd or even?
  3. It it over 5, or 5 and under?
  4. Don't keep changing your number otherwise I wont get it right.
  5. Is it between 2-4?
  6. Is it between 6-8?
  7. Is it between 9-7?
  8. Is it between 7-8?
  9. Is it between 1-3?
  10. Is it between 3-4?
  11. What did you think of this quiz?
  12. Will you rate?
  13. Will you comment?

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