I bet youwon't take this quiz

I'm telling you right now that you won't be taking this quiz. There are piles and piles of reasons, but I'm not going to list them. Bottom line, you will not take this quiz.

OR WILL YOU?? Nope. You won't. I will bet on it RIGHT NOW! The winner gets a cookie. If it's a tie, I tackle you and steal the cookies. Soooo lets get started so I can win.

Created by: UnLoving

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  1. Are you taking this quiz?
  2. Did you plan on taking it?
  3. Why are you taking it?
  4. Do you exist?
  5. Are you present on a site called GTQ?
  6. Did you plan on being on this site?
  7. Are you present on a web browser?
  8. Did you plan on that?
  9. Are you present on planet Earth?
  10. Will you comment and rate?

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