I bet you don't know me

There are many stupid people out there that think they are the s---. well let me tell you i'm not one of those people and i don't think highly of myself but hey whatever.

but hey lets see if you really know me by taking this little quiz. i wont hate you if you don't pass it, it's fine i just know that we aren't that close. oh well, good luck.

Created by: AsHlEy

  1. ok lets start with something easy... how old am i?
  2. what's my dogs name and who plays the "roll" of the "dad" if i'm the mom...
  3. Who's my boi fiend right now
  4. Favorite movie
  5. how many times have i been in a limo
  6. where do i work now?
  7. Who's my bestest friend ever?
  8. My favorite song in the whole f*cking world?
  9. do i like the toilet paper over on under?
  10. what do i find romantic?
  11. what's my favorite color?
  12. have i smoked before?
  13. do i drink?
  14. favorite number?
  15. have i ever gotten high?
  16. do i get cold easy?
  17. what color are my eyes
  18. who do i love

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