What kind of person are you

Many people are stupid.At the same time,some of them are stupid .They need help .The matter is Are you the stupid one .so find out whether you are smart or stupof

You think you are a genius ,then you are to naive .Take this quiz .Find out are you stupid.prove to your friends.there are 10 easy questions,what are you waiting for

Created by: TinLongSW

  1. Do you think you are stupid
  2. Do you like kpop
  3. Can you tell the meaning of "meaning" without looking up the dictionary
  4. Is sunwong a good person (the greater of the quiz)
  5. Do you like reading books
  6. The answer is large
  7. Why are you taking this quiz
  8. 3í—3-3+3-3í—3í—3=?
  9. ABCDEFG what is that
  10. C4n y0u r34d 7h15

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I