Are you a stupid?

Many people wonder if they are stupid. But most stupid people don't realise they are stupid. Now you can find out where you fit in by taking this quiz!

How stupid can you be? I'd say pretty stupid. I'd bet you even fail this test miserably. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but honestly, you should just give up. If you really insist, go ahead and let this quiz confirm it for you.

Created by: Aaron
  1. A cat is an animal. What else is an animal?
  2. If Billy had 4 eggs, and he gave 1 egg to Sally, how many eggs does Billy have?
  3. Punch yourself in the face. What happened?
  4. What would you like to eat for dinner?
  5. Are you a stupid?
  6. A circle is a type of
  7. There's a baby about to walk off a bridge. Do you stop it?
  8. omg quick look behind you! A big scary monster omg look now!!
  9. Here is some cash money for you.
  10. In his house at R'lyeh...

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Quiz topic: Am I a stupid?