I am an ultimate Star Wars fan, but are YOU?

There arn't many Star Wars fans. but that isn't true. sure, yeah, but- hey, im one. if i wasn't, why would i make this quiz, eh? i hope you see this quiz in a good sort of better point of veiw.

Okay, i know that other paraghraph made absoulutely NO sense. but hey- i need words, so i hope you rnjoy it my quiz. thanks for choosing me of all quizzes. Perfect.

Created by: Samantha
  1. What is the last thing Yoda says before he dies?
  2. What color is my underwear?
  3. What color is Luke Skywalker's lightsaber?
  4. what is Jar Jar's nickname for anikan and Obi Wan?
  5. la
  6. Okay, so like, i want an opinion, do u think that they should make a star wars puppet pals?
  7. who was luke Skywalker's sister?
  8. Who was Luke skywalker's girlfriend?
  9. Who is Luke's father?
  10. Well. Im done. one more. alrighty then. Who was yoda?

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Quiz topic: I am an ultimate Star Wars fan, but am I?