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With the rise of the smartphone, mobile gaming has exploded in popularity. This is our page for mobile gaming quizzes!

Our Mobile Games Quizzes

  • which animal crossing essence are you?
    [by: pine, rated: rated: 4.48/5, published: Oct 16, 2019]

    This quiz revolves around the essences you receive in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! Each of these essences relates to certain villagers and furniture. These…

  • What's Your Helix Waltz Character Alignment?
    [by: Zaveri, rated: rated: 4.93/5, published: Sep 29, 2019]

    Find out your true character alignment with this 12 question quiz!

  • How well do you know Om Nom?
    [by: Om Nom! (Candybot), rated: rated: 4.3/5, published: Dec 30, 2018]

    Do you love this little green guy? Test yourself to see how well you really know Om Nom.

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