Huskerland Nebraska Sport Quiz

The are many fans out there who claim to be "true" Husker fans, well I am here to put them to the test and see whether or not they have what it takes to be a True Husker Fan

Are you a Husker Fan? Do you think you know everything there is to know about Husker Sports? Well lets see about that, take this quiz and share it with your friends for bragging rights on who knows the most about your, Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Created by: Andrew Brandt
  1. How many varsity teams, does Nebraska currently have?
  2. Does Nebraska have a rifle team?
  3. Nebraskas Memorial Stadium can hold 81,067 fans, but what is the record for the most in attendance?
  4. Who did Nebraska beat in Football to get their 800th win?
  5. Who did Nebraska play in the Gator Bowl in 2009
  6. What was the last year that Nebraska won the National Championship?
  7. How many Final 4 appearances, has the Womens Volleyball team made?
  8. Where does the volleyball team play its games?
  9. In what year did Nebraska volleyball go undefeated?
  10. What is the Nebraska Volleyball home winning streak set at?

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