Howrse knows best... or not

how well do you know howrse?? find out when you take this quiz!! this covers all the categories of howrse. are you an addict? if you know these answers, then yes you are!

also please congratulate EllaRandomness when you finish this quiz!! and don't forget to check out my forum and sign the guestbook!! I also need friends, so send me a friend request!!

Created by: Ella
  1. What breed of horse is best at trotting?
  2. what is the only breed of horse that isn't a Unicorn yet?
  3. which of these horses are a special?
  4. Which breed of horse reached 1000 GP 1rst?
  5. how many times can you restart you Equestrian Center?
  6. what does BO mean
  7. which of these is a mod?
  8. how many friend requests can you send a day?
  9. How many competitions does a horse need to win to get blupped?
  10. what breed do you get if you breed a purebred female standardbred with a purebred male shetland
  11. now please give my EC forum a visit, and congratulate me!! did you?

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