How would you be punished in the old days?

In the old days, spankings were very common, even bare bottom ones. Your about to take a step back in time when your bum was never safe, especially when you had a strict mother raising you.

You are going to answer a few questions truthfully about a recent misdeed you committed and then we'll see how your mother from the old days will respond and what kind of punishment will be administered.

Created by: Emma

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  1. What did you do wrong?
  2. How many times have you done this?
  3. How bad was the thing you did?
  4. Rate your average behavior
  5. Did you lie (or didn't tell) to cover up your misdeed?
  6. Are you sorry for what you did?
  7. Did you show any disrespect during or after the thing you did?
  8. If you asked your mother if you should be spanked, what would she say?
  9. Do you think you should have a spanking?
  10. Did your actions harm anyone else?
  11. How severe should the spanking be?
  12. Spoiler alert: You are about to have a bare bottom spanking, what's the first thing that comes to mind?
  13. Is your bottom prepared for what a punishment would be like in the old days?

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