how would i kill u? (better version!)

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this iz really part two of my other quiz how would i kill u except this is a better version xDDD but how would i kill u?!!!!??? find out in a few minutes wont'cha? mhmmmmmmmm yup uh huh ....... super duper bored and i dont really wanna write this >.

soooo.... HOW WOULD I KILL U?!!!??? i dunno... if u were my bro u'd b dead already ^_^ if ur my bros friends im planning to kill u *-* HAHAHAHA hehehehehehe......... meeeeooooowwww f--- 150 thing letters things....

Created by: izzylovescandy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do u like boats or water?
  2. do u fear fire?
  3. do u like to eat alot?
  4. thatz all da info i need
  5. wait....
  6. do u like swimming?
  7. that question was stupid xD
  8. these haz no effect
  9. meow
  10. bye loves
  11. oh yeah... do u like burning things?

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