how will you die in 2012

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our world (where styupid people commit dumb suicide all the damn time)is coming to an end and it is up to you to determine how you will die(you think your goin to survive pfft)whether it be tsunami,earhquake,or some random fate may the lord be with you.

i gots my insperation from them mayan people wazzap supposed ancestors. anyway the world i believe wont really end sooo dotn worry this is pretty mch innacurate.

Created by: tyler

  1. you hear on the news that a tsunami is heading you r way and quickly approaching what do yiu do
  2. ahem you r making a video documentary and all o a sudden you feel a jolt you do what
  3. ohmigod lava is seeping down the side of a huge mountain what do you do
  4. on the local news you hear that a hurricnae/tornadoe is on its way oh god what do you
  5. on the news you hear that a zombie epidemic has broken out and you dont know what to do. well dont just stand ther do something
  6. ahem you manage to get on a boat after the ensuing chaos but a gigantic wave approaxches your ship
  7. well planet random is coming you r way and is on a collision path with earth
  8. a meteor shower ah
  9. the ice age is happanin whats to we do
  10. a small zombie child is quickly approaching you
  11. well thats the end of my quiz i hope you survived... you couldnt have this is a how will you die quiz

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Quiz topic: How will I die in 2012