How will you die? (awesome version)

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I made this quiz because I'm bored.... it's kinda cool though. The results are, different. :) LOL Please comment in this quiz!! OH and rate it too!! will you die? There are many ways....weird ways too. Have you ever seen 1,000 Ways To Die? If you have, you know what I'm talking about.... anyway, have fun! PLS RATE AND COMMENT! :)

Created by: Sierra

  1. What's your favorite animal of these?
  2. What's your favorite weapon?
  3. How do you WANT to die?
  4. Do you like beans and what kind?
  5. Which one do you fear the most?
  6. How often do you pee?
  7. How does this quiz make you feel (so far)?
  8. What's your favorite food out of these?
  9. From reading this quiz, how do you think my personality is?
  10. What will you do after you finish this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How will I die? (awesome version)