How Will You Die?

Hello. I am a psychic. This quiz was meant to see into the future and predict how you will die with many details including how you die, where you die, and the exact date and time of your death.

All you have to do to discover your end is answer 30 simple questions as honestly as you can. Keep in mind forever that even the color of one's eyes can be a window into the future.

Created by: CutieBow
  1. I hack!!
  2. what day were you born on
  3. what eyes do you have
  4. what hair do you have
  5. are you fat
  6. are you pretty
  7. is there anyone in the room with you now
  8. what is most important
  9. which nickname is you favorite
  10. close your eyes and walk one lap around the room you are in did you
  11. do you have a facebook instagram or snapchat?
  12. say mermaid 3x then sing the highest note you can then touch water did you do it
  13. do you believe in ghosts
  14. if you had 1day to live what would you do
  15. twilight or hunger games
  16. have you ever talked to a psychic
  17. go into a small room then close the door then turn off the lights and count to 60 and come out when you get to 60 did you stay the full time
  18. do you like the quiz
  19. would you rather read or write
  20. have you seen a horror movie
  21. which name would you rather have
  22. do you play a sport
  23. have you ever made a friendship bracelet
  24. have you ever received a friendship bracelet
  25. do you have a pet
  26. what is your worst fear
  27. what is better
  28. is death the end

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Quiz topic: How will I Die?