How Will You Ace A Test?

There are many people who take tests or quizzes and get back a positive score. Take this test to see how you will take the test or just cheat and be dark-minded.

Are you smart enough to take the test and get it back as an A+. Cause if you do take the test and to see what you will do!if your not happy with your score take the test again.

Created by: Tyler

  1. Are you usually lucky?
  2. Do you like learning?
  3. Do you get lost in you work a lot?
  4. 80 X 3 =
  5. What is Mona Lisa?
  6. What are the 5 main senses?
  7. True Or False: all animals have bones
  8. True Or False: penguins always live in cold places
  9. True Or False: Helen Keller was blind and depth.
  10. True Or False: all people has bones.

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Quiz topic: How will I Ace A Test?