How White Are You?

Discover how white you are. Even if you're not white, find out how white-washed you are! Or find out how white your friends are. These are easy yes or no questions, so don't worry, you'll still have time to read your other blogs while on the clock at your office job.

How white are you? You think you are whiter than some of your white friends... or even you white washed friends. Until now you've only had your favorite blog (you know which one, whitey). Instead of text chatting your friends the link when they get a new entry, find out now, how super white you are.

Created by: ven
  1. Do you drink Coffee an/or coffee flavored drinks?
  2. Is the idea of film festivals and/or their movie something that interests you?
  3. Do you often times shop for organic foods?
  4. Do you enjoy Yoga or ever thought about taking a class?
  5. Do you enjoy traveling?
  6. Microbrewery beers tastes better than the big corporations.
  7. Do you enjoy drinking wine?
  8. I have been to an 80s night event.
  9. Architecture interests me!
  10. I watch the Daily Show/Colbert Report.
  11. I watch Arrested Development.
  12. I enjoy listening to Indie Music.
  13. I own Apple Products.
  14. I sometimes listen to public radio.
  15. Vintage stuff is cool!
  16. Juno was a good movie.
  17. I ride bicycles for fun.
  18. I like the idea of hybrid cars.
  19. I own or would love to own modern furniture.
  20. T-shirts are awesome!
  21. i own a northface jacket, or a similar brand of outdoor performance clothing.
  22. i have friends that are gay.
  23. I go to friends' homes for dinner and socializing with other couples.
  24. i own or have owned new balance shoes
  25. I wear scarves... sometimes even when its not THAT freezing.
  26. i love sweaters!
  27. Girls with bangs are hot.
  28. I use facebook or am thinking about getting an account.
  29. My breakups are most often difficult.
  30. musical comedies are fine.
  31. musical comedies are fin.
  32. i try to recycle as much as i can.
  33. I support Barack Obama.
  34. i have been in a marathon or want to some day.
  35. i have an arts degree or something close to it.
  36. Bottled water was a great invention.
  37. Bottled water was a great invention.
  38. I have downloaded music Illegally before.
  39. I have been, or thought about graduate school.
  40. I have asian friends!

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Quiz topic: How White am I?