how well do you texas

Are you a true Texan? Do you know all about your Texas history and other important facts about this great state? Do you want to find out what your Texas genius is?

After just a few minutes you will know whether or not you have the Lone Start State running through your blood! Take the quiz and find if you're a true Texan!

Created by: banjo
  1. What is the largest city in the state of Texas?
  2. This historic place is famous for having a daily cattle drive.
  3. The Alamo is in what city?
  4. What is the state flower?
  5. The battle of the Alamo was fought between:
  6. The longest un-tolled freeway in the United States runs through Texas. Which is it?
  7. True or False: Route 66 runs through Texas
  8. Which night club claims to be, "The Largest Honky Tonk in Texas"?
  9. What is the state bird?
  10. The University of Texas mascot is a:
  11. Which of the following famous NASCAR drivers reside in or were born in Texas?

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