How Well Do You Like Jokes ?

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Jimielle khawand's quiz: JOKES is the most important and letsss see you score this time and lets find out :D Someone an expert in jokes and practicly knows every joke in every minute :P

Are You A joke fun person ? Do you have the guts to find out and tell us... oh come on try it and laugh it at the end of this quizzz, Until now you can only wonder but it's kinda cool too find out.

Created by: jimiellekhawand

  1. Why Was The Bacteria freezing ?
  2. A child asked his mom:MOM,HOW I AM CREATED?she answered I PUT SOME SUGAR UNDER THE SOFA AND IN THE EARLY MORINNG I SAW YOU ... The child put sugar,what did he see under the sofa ?
  3. Why didnt the dump cryed when he saw his mom died before she was using the shampoo JOHNSON BABY....
  4. Why Does the dump bring his laptop to the beach ?
  5. Why the dump brings the thing that cleans the floor to the beach ?
  6. Are You Nuts ?
  7. who is the oldest animal of all ?
  8. Who has of those celebrities has abbs ?
  9. Why do you have sunscreen ! ?
  10. Why 6 is afraid of 7 ?
  11. what does LOL means ?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Like Jokes ?