How Well Do You Know Your Wings Of Fire? Book 6-10s

Hello! I am AstridTheSkywing! Welcome to my quiz! Here at Astrid Inc. we create Wof Content for ALL Ages! Have fun answering these silly questions. We/I love you Astroids!💞💕

Astrid Inc. Was founded in June 8 2021 by an unknown creater only known to Family and friends, This world Is based on a sieries called Wings Of Fire by: Tui T sutherland.

Created by: AstridTheSkywing
  1. Where Did Moon's Mom Hide Moon?
  2. What's Moonwatchers curse?
  3. What Is Moon's Mom's Name?
  4. Who's Runs Jade Mountain Acadamy?
  5. Who blew up The History Room?
  6. Who has Queen Scarlet hired to kill the Dragonets of Desteny?
  7. Who is Phyrite Really?
  8. What was Perils Necklace Ehnchanted to do?
  9. What power does Turtle have?
  10. What did Darkstalker first do to turtle?
  11. How did They Defeat Darkstalker?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Wings Of Fire? Book 6-10s