How well do you know your languages?

There are so many people who think they know a hard language. But are you a true one? Find out in this quiz! Note: these language are very hard. No cheating!

Hay tantas personas que piensan que saben un idioma difí­cil. Pero usted es un verdadero? Descúbrelo en este test! Nota: estos idiomas son muy duras. No haga trampas!

Created by: IceBabe

  1. Ok, i will say "hi" or "hello" in a diffrent language and you must tell me the language.
  2. ciao
  3. হ্যালো
  4. Dia duit
  5. नमस्ते
  6. 您好
  7. привет
  8. 안녕하세요
  9. ahoj
  10. Helo
  11. Hope you enjoyed, this was pretty hard. Right?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my languages?