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  • Nice quiz. You need to have some clue about the subject. However, I severely dislike the final analysis. I aced this quiz and it told me that I - an athiest - have a great personal relationship with the lord!

    I was raised Catholic/Christian and I have well discovered an old statement to be true: The fastest way to become an atheist is to actually read the bible, with an open mind! I'm an atheist not because I "don't know the lord," it's because I have read the book of mythological fiction (known as the bible)and actually studied reality - as in, biology, history, FACTS, etc...

  • Alley cat...nice comment although you should study your biology,history, FACTS,etc. A little more carefully. Science has proven a Divine Creator, historical artifacts have revealed truths, Archeology has clearly shown the case of Genesis 6, the Nephilim. More scientists even astronomers have come to the knowledge of HIS existence. But are paid to be quiet by the same people that have lied to us about our own history, write what they want put it in the school the lie grow...the earth is a plain, the moon landings are off on a whole other level...there is a firmament in the sky...NASA, as well as countless others CDC...Ahem...Cathol ic and Christian are not one in the same....there are some believing Catholics...but the Word said never pray to the dead and that's what Roman Catholicism teaches..The Jesuits have had control over what has gone in the Holy Word but believe me YHVH Will make sure His Word will never come back to Him VOID....They have lied to us to believe into their lie to fall into their "agenda" Is it that painful to believe that the Creator of ALL loved you enough to design you and put you on this earth and make everything you walk on....that He loves you? If you were once affiliated with the Word, I'd just ask YAHWEH to show you once and for all, is this the Truth? Or is what mankind wrote true? Also, who made man then, and The Lord GOD appointed men to write the Word....and ARTIFACTS not just History books...have proven the Word to be true...just ask Him...Pray your eyes are opened

  • I'd like to know the answers so I can learn what I got wrong.


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