How Well Do You Know Yandere Simulator?

This is a quiz containing mostly trivia from the indie game Yandere Simulator- a game that is currently in the makings by YandereDev- although this quiz will contain some knowledge that you should know in order to get the best experience that you can!

I hope you enjoy this quiz, and please let me know if anything is incorrect or if you think I could have worded anything better! This quiz IS rushed but I hope it is acceptable!

Created by: Midori x Osoro 4 eva
  1. Info-Chan was formally known as?
  2. What is [Male] Senpai's real name?
  3. What is [Female] Senpai's real name?
  4. What is Mr. Aishi (YanDad)'s favourite colour?
  5. How old is Genka Kunahito?
  6. How old Kyoshi Taiso?
  7. How much older is Megami's Aunt (AuntGami) than Megami's Dad (Mr. Saikou/CEO)?
  8. What is Osana Najimi's favourite colour? (not her trademark colour)
  9. Whose's Birthdays are all on April 1st?
  10. Osana Najimi's birthday is
  11. Megami has a
  12. Shiromi has kissed what?
  13. How does Kizana get to school?
  14. Info-Chan is most likely...
  15. Which character has freckles?
  16. Inkyu Basu is...
  17. If none of the rivals or Ayano existed who would Taro end up with?
  18. Miyuji's parents...
  19. Amai's parents run a...
  20. Info-chan is...
  21. Saki Miyu has had how many hair changes?
  22. Why didn't Mei wear glasses until the September first 2017 build?
  23. Who is Kaga Kusha's role model?
  24. Hanako Yamada is...
  25. Musume's father is what?
  26. Which Bully's Father is a police officer?
  27. Ayano is a...
  28. Hanako is a...
  29. Taro is a...
  30. why was Amai away from school for 2 weeks?
  31. Who is the Drama club vice president?
  32. Which female club leader(s) is(are) not (a) rival(s)?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Yandere Simulator?