How well do you know bee swarm simulator [roblox]

Welcome to my quiz, this quiz is a quiz about the roblox game; bee swarm simulator! test your knowledge about the game. Please do comment how much you got cause I'm curios ;-]

Hi, I am DYLANNNN and i really enjoy creating quizzes if. if you have any suggestions for quizzes comment the idea and i'll make it as soon as possible.

Created by: DYLANNN

  1. what is the most powerful mob in game that was in the game at 7/11
  2. what is most expensive item in ticket tent
  3. What item can change a bees type
  4. What is the only way of getting star jellies
  5. which one is a code
  6. true or false, there is a king beetle amulet
  7. what is photons bees main ability
  8. how expensive is tabby bee
  9. what is the name of the most common bee
  10. which is not a feature in the game

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bee swarm simulator [roblox]