how well do you know wizard101?

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there are lots of people who know wizard101 people who have played it day in day out. people who only stop playing for a bathroom break or a bowl of cereal.

are you a true wizard? can you get these questions right? if you think you know wizxard101 then take this quiz and we will find out how well you know it.

Created by: jonathan of gamerreviews
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  1. Who is the very first boss you battle in the game? not tutorial.
  2. where is the death school?
  3. what is one of the reasons malistaire is evil?
  4. what are the six planets in wizard101?
  5. who is the very last boss you fight at the end of the game?
  6. is this game fun?
  7. do you have to pick up professor drakes dry cleaning?
  8. is there a bazaar in krokotopia?
  9. is there holiday events in wizard101?
  10. what is the goal of the game?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wizard101?